PCV Software Has Retired!

... but I will still be the Master of My Domain

After 33 years, I've decided to retire PCV Software as a programming and web development entity. I am maintaining this site because 1) it's my mail domain and server, and 2) I can archive and open source the coding I've done over the years, since I am the sole copyright owner to the programs I've listed on this site.

Another incentive is that the old site was not mobile-friendly, and Google now downgrades in their search results sites that don't accommodate mobile devices. Since I spent a lot of time making the Christ Lutheran site responsive and mobile-friendly, I didn't want the poor rating of the main PCV Software site to affect their search results.

So, now that I don't have to pretend to be a web developer anymore, I can pretty much put whatever I want on the site. I'll use this opportunity to archive stuff that I'm interested in, pat myself on the back regarding past projects, talk about my various hobbies, and just ruminate a bit on whatever I feel like.

A little history: the image on the right is the ad I used to place in the Lone Star Region (Houston) of the Porsche Club of America newsletter. I was the newsletter editor, an unpaid position, of course, so I used the business name of "PCV Software" so that I could file a Schedule C with the IRS and write off everything I was spending on hardware, software and supplies.

So, what can you still find on this site?

What won't you find on this site?

A "Contact Me Form" or my email address, or any other way of contacting me. Trying to keep people from hacking my form to send spam email (usually people from Russia, China or Eastern Europe — and no, that's not a stereotype, I recorded every attempt and looked up the originating IP address) has been a major distraction for the various websites I've developed. In order to practice becoming the crotchety old man to which I aspire, I really don't want to hear from you unless you already have my email address. Deal with it.